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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Emo Punk

Emo Style Guide And Tips

Emo is a style of music and fashion that is more subtle and has a broader fashion base than extreme styles such as goth or punk. The term emo came out of the 1980s music scene in Washington DC. As a backlash to the hardcore music prevalent at the time a new genre of music took shape. Softer and slower with more personal lyrics bands such as Rites of Spring and Embrace began to pave away for a new genre referred to as “emocore” referring to the more emotional and introspective style than had gone before. This genre would evolve and develop throughout the 1990s and was popularly referred to as emo, and it was under this appellation that this style became widely known as it entered the mainstream in the 2000s.

Emo has become more than a music sub-culture, popular among teens it has emerged as a dominant behavioural and fashion trend as pertinent as the goth or punk styles that went before.

Emo can mean a lot of different things to different people and how much or how little you incorporate emo style into your appearance is up to personal preference. Some people are comfortable “going emo” all the while or only dressing up for special occasions. This article outlines the basics of an emo style and gives ideas on creating the perfect emo look that suits you.

The most distinctive part of the emo look is the hairstyle. Black is the order of the day in the emo ensemble and usually emo hair styles start with a deep black colouring. As few people have really black hair you can start by dying it deep black or brown. From there you can put in natural highlights like blonde or go for a striking punk vibe using neon pinks, reds or electric blues.

Emo haircuts are usually asymmetrical and have choppy sharp out layers. You can be as original and imaginative as you please creating looks that are well groomed, wild and trendy. Before choosing your hair style your hair also needs to be straight and sleek. You can achieve this look with hair straighteners and hair product and spray. Spiking your hair is popular but go for more sleekly styled spikes rather than the random spikes of a punk look.

Emo hairstyles are open to all kinds of experimentation to help you find and individualise your look. Emo styles make use of accessories such as grips, clips and headbands. These can accentuate and create various shapes and again is a fun way to find the style you are happy with. The hair can be any length and there are no hard or fast rules to cutting the hair but normally the cut is usually longer at the front so that it can cover and frame the face in that distinctive “emo” look. Best option is to go to a professional hairdresser and explain what kind of emo look you want and maybe ask their advice on what would be the best style for you.

Like with the hair, emos also tend to wear a lot of black. But unlike the goth look this is offset with bright and vivid colours. Black jeans and a black shirt could be matched with a bright red tie along with matching or contrasting accessories. Band t-shirts are popular though it might be a good idea to be clued up on the music of the emo scene. Hoodies are also part of the look and you can individualise again with motifs like stars, skulls or crosses. Skinny jeans are a must and worn by both girls and boys. They must be well cut and the right length so they don’t drag on the ground. They can be also be emo-enhanced with zippers, chains or random buttons in places they don’t normally belong.

Emo Girls Hairstyle

 Emo Hairstyles For Girls

Emo is the newly developed fashion, regarding hair styles all the way with fashion with it's own attitude. Not willing to follow the "dress code" of others emo has developed its own way of fashion.
The 411 on this includes incredibly jet black hair with possible brighter colors such as blue, a maroon-red or a possible pink. These can be highlighted throughout the hair to give more definition and tone to the emo look. The style of the hair is usually asymmetric its Greek meaning it has lack of proportion making it look like a three year old took scissors to your hair, different shapes and length levels. A cheap box of die and some choppy scissors will help you to create your own emo hairstyle.

There is no need for concern when making your emo hairstyle, what you feel like doing goes! It's not a normal look so therefore people expect it to be all over the place and to be and over all crazy hair cut. Most emo girls and men guys to the jet black hair for their hair cut and they like the unnatural, uneven look it gives it more spunk. Even though the emo look is becoming more common, it is still an uncommon way for a hair cut. So have fun with it dye it black, chop it up and add some crazy highlights.

Emo hairstyles can be made by you, your best friend or your little brother. The style does not require a professional stylist or beautician. You can just cut the dyed hair all over in different shapes but the hair usually is always longer in the front hiding the face. You can also razor it in the back to have it spiky with the longer bangs for a weird looking hair cut. Both of these are considered an emo hairstyle. No matter what you do to your hair choppy, buzzed in the back as long as you have some uneven pieces framing the face your in the clear.

Emo hairstyles are usually spiky and shaggy a definition of how you felt at that time. It's an all over the place crazy style so use gel and hair glue to your advantage. Adding hair glue to the bangs in the front to make them straight and stiff is a must when trying to create the emo hairstyle. You can add gel to the back of your hair as well to make it stand straight out if you have the back shorter. If the back is long and shaggy just mix and match gel and hair glue to make it a crazy bold effect. Remember the more unusual and different your hair looks the better off you are.